•  The 6th IPA International Photographic Contest 2016
    • “International Photography Association (IPA) is the international photography organization which is composed of photographers and photography groups from all over the world. IPA was registered in Hong Kong and China mainland, is the aligned organization with Cultural Administration of Unit Nations. At present, IPA has built up more than 40 branches around the world. IPA's international photography website (www.zjjialedi.com) has established over 20 channels in different languages, covering more than 50 countries. International Photographic Association is one of the world's most active, professional and authoritative photography organizations.

      Since 2010, International Photography Association (IPA) has launched a international photographic contest. For past 5 years, photographers from all over the world have participated in IPA contest.

      We welcome all photographers and shutterbugs from different countries and areas in the world to send us photography works to participate in this competition.

    • 1, Organized by
    • International Photography Association (IPA)
    • 2, Selection and Themes
    • A: Photo Journalism (Color and Monochrome) Entrants are required to submit single photo or photo stories/portfolios (8 to 12 photos for each set)
    • B: Landscape and Flower (Color and Monochrome)
    • C: Creative and Advertise (Color and Monochrome)
    • D: Portrait and Nude (Color and Monochrome)
    • E: Sport and Animal (Color and Monochrome)
    • F: Open (Color and Monochrome)
    • 3,Image Size
    • Accepted file types *.jpg, *.jpeg
    • Minimum image length is 2500 pix, Maximum image length is 3000 pix
      File size maximum is 5 MB
    • 4, Conditions of Entry
    • 1. Each photo can be presented in only one section.
    • 2. Entrants must be authors of the works they submit.
    • 3. Each participant may send maximum of 4 photographs to each section.
    • 4. Photos with frames, special backgrounds or other decorative effects will not be accepted.
    • 5. Only the necessary retouching which will not change the original appearance of the photo is allowed. (expect section C: Creative and Advertise).
    • 6. With the guarantee of the right of signature for every author, the organizer has the right to repeatedly use the entries in related non-commercial activities for free, including publications, exhibitions, TV programs, Internetdi splays, electronic media, etc. The Organizer reserves the right to do probable editing of the entries.
    • 7. International Photography Association (IPA) reserves the right of final interpretation
    • 5, Schedule
    • Photo Submission Period: 1 October 2015- 31 May 2016
    • Selection: 10 July 2016
    • Results: 30 July 2016
    • Exhibition: September 2016-2017, Peking and Guangzhou
    • Awards Sending: November 2016
    • The results can be viewed at the website: http://www.zjjialedi.com/
    • 6,Awards
    • Total 144 awards
      Two gold medals in each category (12 altogether)
      Four silver medals in each category (24 altogether)
      Six bronze medals in each category (36 altogether)
      Twelve honorable mentions in each category (72 altogether)
      acceptance rate: 25 % of the entered photographs would be accepted in the final selection!
      All the winners will receive the medals and certificates
    • 7, Entry Fee
    • No entry fee is required for this contest.
    • 8, Submission of entries
    • CD sending: 29 D, Tianli B , Wushan 139, Tianhe
    • Guangzhou City , Guangdong Province , China, Post code 510630
    • (Please mark “ The 6th IPA Exhibition” on your sending files)
    • Email: ipa001@vip.163.com
    • The 6th International Photography Association Entry Form (individual) ( Click here to download)
    • Group Participating please contact us by phone or email (ipa001@vip.163.com) to ask for the entry form and consult with us.