•  What’s the advantages of joining in IPA?
        Joining in IPA can enhance yourself in photography industry, mine and improve the commercial value of the photos. It’s an honor for photographer to be one of the IPA members, especially 4 stars international photographers and 5 stars senior international photographers .
    • International Photography Association
    •   International Photography Association (IPA), is the academic, professional and non-political, non-religious global photography group composed of photographers and photography group from all over the world. International Photography Association legally registered in Guangzhou through the approval of Hong Kong government, named“China Guangzhou International Photography Association ", which is a legitimate organization. The philosophy of IPA is to record the history, transmiss the civilization, make friends, enhance the friendship, share the skills, and promote the prosperity and development of the international photography association.
    • Organizations of IPA:
    • 1、1. IPA Standing Council—the highest decisive institute, responsible for the IPA Member Conference;
    • 2、2. IPA Secretariat—responsible for Executive Institute, Standing Council and Chairman;
    • 3、3. IPA professional committees:
    • Documentary photography;
    • Arts photography;
    • Advertising photography;
    • Folklore photography;
    • Police photogrphy;
    • Educational training;
    • Skill evaluation.
    • 4、International Photography Net (www.zjjialedi.com);
    • 5、《International Photography》 correspondence (newspaper);
    • 6、《International Photographer》magazine;
    • 7、International Photography University Co.,Ltd.
    • 8、Organ for liaison will be set up in China Mainland, and IPA clubs in every city.