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     business scope
    • 1、Unite the photographers and organizations from all around the world;
    • 2、Promote proactively and support the photographers and organizations to join in photography creation, share its skills, discuss its theories and develop its education;
    • 3、Develop the cultural industry of photography, building up the bridge among producers of photography equipment, authors of photographys and users;
    • 4、Share the photography cultures, make more international friends and enhance the communications of photography;
    • 5、Plan and organize international competitions, exhibitions, awarding activities, collections, editions, books and templates;
    • 6、Recognize and award those who make outstanding contributions on photography creation, theory discussion, education, planing, publishing and equipment R&D;
    • 7、Organize the juries to verify the qualifications of international photographer and senior photographer;
    • 8、In accordance with international law, establish rights and benefits of membership and protect the organizations;
    • 9、Promote the development of photography industry;
    • 10、 Launch the business related to the association。
    • 11、Business cooperation click here